Congregational Care

At Covenant Chapel, we as the body of Christ desire to serve our entire church family. This is accomplished through our Congregational Care Ministry, which is overseen by our Deacons. This vital ministry contains six aspects:


We seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus by reaching out to those who are unable to participate in our fellowship due to special circumstances.  This is accomplished through hospital and home visits, cards and phone calls.


We provide tangible care in Jesus’ name in the form of meals to the congregation during stressful life events, such as the birth of a child, serious illness, hospitalization, and death in the immediate family.


With compassion and mercy, we come alongside the church family to meet temporary and often unexpected needs providing such services as transportation, running errands, house cleaning, and childcare. 


We come along side those in the congregation who have suffered the loss of a loved one, helping to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  This ministry is open-ended depending on the individual needs.  The long term goal is to help bereaved individuals get involved in a community group for long term support and care.


We help those within our church family who are temporarily in need of financial assistance as a result of unemployment, serious illness or other extenuating circumstances. Financial gifts separate from other Covenant Chapel offerings are given for the specific purpose of meeting these practical needs.  Individuals and families in our church body who are in need of assistance should not hesitate to apply.  If you are in need of assistance you can obtain, complete and submit the brief one page member/attendee application form to the church office or being the process by filling out a congregational care form using the button below.  Or you can contact a team member directly by using the numbers below.


To request congregational care choose from the options below. All requests will be held in confidence.


Call 913-663-3095, ext. 221. Leave a message and you will be contacted as soon as possible. This line is checked multiple times each week. In an emergency call Lynn Looloian at 913.685.1600.

Congregational Care Form:

Click the button below and complete a brief form to request congregational care. A deacon from our congregational care minstry will contact you within several days.

Request Form